Josh Johnston and his mom Janice on a baseball field

Covering all the bases

Like many baseball-mad kids, Josh Johnston spent a good chunk of his childhood on a ball field. He’d picked up a bat at age 6 and played every position before junior high. What he loved most was pitching. But looking back, he admits his mechanics on the mound weren’t exactly fine-tuned. “I was just up …

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Don Lamont, after spinal surgery, is back on his bike.

Back on the Bike

The surgeon didn’t sugarcoat it for Don Lamont. He needed spinal fusion. It was 2011. For more than a year, Lamont had experienced increasing pain in his lower back. Months of physical therapy and visits to a chiropractor and a physiatrist hadn’t provided lasting relief, so he decided to explore surgery. But what the doctor …

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Diane Mirante considers herself a lucky person – a job she loves, wonderful health and a loving, supportive family. “My everyday life is pretty ordinary,” she laughs. “I don’t consider myself special in any way, but I am also blessed in many ways.” Last year on Halloween, Mirante, 45, gave up smoking. A few days …

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