The Importance of Spiritual Care

Holistic healthcare includes not only attending to physical health but also to our emotional and spiritual health.  Many people credit their spirituality with being their primary help in coping with life transitions as well as the challenges, traumas and losses encountered in living. They believe that their spirituality contributes to recovery from illness. In the midst of the uncertainty, fear, and isolation of illness, spiritual care can provide comfort and peace by reaffirming meaning, purpose and individual self-worth.

About Spiritual Care

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center recognizes that spiritual care can play a fundamental role in the healing process and can contribute substantially to the well-being of our patients, their friends and family, and our staff. As an integral part of its mission to provide personalized, quality care with compassion, dignity and respect, the hospital provides care to meet spiritual and emotional needs in addition to medical needs. From the birth of a new baby to the death of a loved-one, Northwest Hospital’s chaplain offers a listening ear and an open heart to everyone, regardless of religious faith, beliefs or affiliation.

Our chaplain is available Monday through Thursday during daytime business hours. You may request spiritual call by calling (206) 368-1805 or by asking hospital staff to call on your behalf.

Spiritual Care Staff:

Kathy Heffernan, MAPS
Board-Certified Chaplain

As a member of Northwest Hospital’s multi-disciplinary healthcare team, our spiritual care provider is available

  • When you or loved ones are feeling alone, anxious or discouraged
  • To help process emotions after hearing a difficult diagnosis
  • To request someone to pray with you or for you
  • To help with spiritual distress over unresolved religious or spiritual issues
  • When you or your loved ones are struggling with difficult decisions regarding medical care
  • To support you in sharing grief and loss
  • To help with troubling questions like Why this? Why now? Why me?
  • To talk about your fears or beliefs regarding death, dying and the afterlife
  • To celebrate life and help welcome the birth of a new child into the family
  • To offer assistance in contacting clergy or other spiritual mentors
  • To mediate a family conflict
  • To provide or teach complementary care modalities such as guided imagery, meditation/centering prayer, relaxation techniques

A Quiet Place for Everyone

The hospital provides a quiet room for meditation and spiritual reflection. It is graced by beautiful stained glass windows depicting the four seasons. The room is located in D-Wing, on the first floor at the foot of the stairs leading to the main hospital building.