The Northwest Hospital staff believes education is an important tool that people with diabetes can use to improve their health and their lives. Our teaching program includes your choice of one-on-one education or classroom instruction, where you’ll learn information and practical skills for effective diabetes self-management. This knowledge builds confidence and encourages you to achieve and maintain good health, and helps prevent complications.

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center offers a number of classes, as well as a Nutrition Clinic, support groups and wellness resources to help you, your family and friends. Call 206.668.1564 for schedules or for more information.

Our goals at the Northwest Hospital diabetes education program are to:

  • Provide you and your family with an appropriate and consistent education program
  • Provide teaching materials and resources for diabetes education to Northwest Hospital staff
  • Complement the efforts of healthcare providers with a comprehensive education program for their clients with diabetes
  • Direct the ongoing improvement of services to people with diabetes
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of the program
  • Facilitate continuing education for healthcare professionals