Northwest Hospital phone numbers to change to 668

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Northwest Hospital & Medical Center has changed most of its existing phone and fax numbers from the original 368 prefix to the new 668 prefix. For example, the phone number 206.668.1234 (not a real number) would now be 206-668-1234.

Other prefixes, including 362, 364, 365, 367, 368, 512 and 524 also will be changed to the 668, unless these numbers do not operate on the Northwest Hospital phone system.

The main hospital phone number, 206-364-0500, will not change.

The 368 prefix will continue to work until July 1, 2017, to give the community time to adjust to the new 668 prefix. While the hospital and clinics also work to complete the change to the new phone numbers, patients and visitors may still see 368 numbers in many locations and printed materials for the next several months.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Also Changes Northwest Hospital Clinic Phone Numbers

At the same time that Northwest Hospital was changing its phone number prefix, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance clinics at Northwest Hospital also changed their phone number.

As of March 20th, you can reach the SCCA Medical Oncology Clinic at: 206-606-5800, or the SCCA Radiation Oncology Clinic at: 206-606-5808.

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