Close-up of a young woman talking on a cordless phone

Northwest Hospital phone numbers to change to 668

Get the 411 on the new phone prefix for most of Northwest Hospital’s phone and fax numbers.

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A section of David Boxley's totem pole

New totem pole rises at Northwest Hospital

World-famous totem pole carver David Boxley honors his late sister-in-law with a new totem pole at Northwest Hospital.

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The exterior of the new UW Medicine Northwest Primary and Specialty Clinics

Northwest Primary Care Fremont Clinic relocates and expands services

UW Medicine is expanding in the Fremont neighborhood with the new Northwest Primary and Specialty Clinic.

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Side-by-side comparison of a mammogram and an MRI

Abbreviated Breast MRI exam increases early cancer detection

A new screening exam helps increase early detection of cancer in women with dense breast tissue.

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Kathy Jones

At war with the ‘cling-ons’

Kathy Jones was annoyed to find herself in the emergency room. Usually the picture of health, the 68-year-old went to the hospital last summer with what she thought was heat stroke. Instead, the ER decided she had the flu and told her to go see her primary care physician. She did. But Dr. Tim Burner, … Continued

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