The minutes and hours immediately following the onset of stroke symptoms and warning signs are critical. According to the American Stroke Association, only 5 percent of stroke patients arrive at a hospital in time to receive optimum treatment because most people don’t know don’t realize they are having a stroke and should seek medical help immediately. In order to increase the chance of survival and recovery, it is vital to educate yourself and your family about the stroke warning signs and obtain emergency care immediately by calling 911.

The Stroke Program at Northwest Hospital is nationally recognized for its excellence. The program includes a dedicated team of professionals committed to improving the recovery and rehabilitation rate for stroke patients. The team includes:

The Stroke Program features:

  • Initial emergency care in the hospital’s state-of-the-art Emergency Department
  • Early stabilization of brain and body functions
  • Appropriate referrals
  • Continuity of care through a team approach in our intensive care unit and designated medical/stroke unit
  • Prevention of stroke complications (e.g., pneumonia, bladder infections, muscle changes, and skin breakdown).
  • Education
  • Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation through the Northwest Hospital Center for Medical Rehabilitation
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