Your treatment team also includes other healthcare professionals who work together to address every aspect of your care. Your care team will typically include a:

  • Radiation oncologist. This physician, who specializes in treating cancer with radiation, prescribes plans and oversees your radiation therapy, as well as coordinates with other physicians and clinicians on your care team.
  • Radiation therapist. When you come in for radiation therapy sessions, this person positions you for your treatment and operates the machines that deliver the radiation.
  • Radiation oncology nurse. This nurse works with the other team members to explain your treatment, answer your questions and help you manage side effects.

Some members of the radiation oncology team work behind the scenes. A medical dosimetrist completes the calculations needed to carry out your treatment. This ensures that you receive the exact dose of radiation prescribed by your radiation oncologist, in precisely the right places. A medical physicist helps plan your treatment and maintain the equipment used to deliver radiation therapy.

Other members of your care team may include a nutritionist and a social worker, among others.