Your radiation oncology care team will work with you before, during and after radiation therapy to help keep you as healthy and comfortable as possible throughout the process. Along with your radiation oncologist, radiation therapist and radiation oncology nurse, you’ll have many others to provide support, such as a nutritionist and a social worker, among others.

Radiation therapy may cause side effects. These depend on the type of radiation therapy you have and the part of your body that’s treated. Your team will give you details about which side effects to expect, for how long and how you can manage them. They will be available to help you with whatever comes up during your treatment.

  • Both Northwest Hospital and SCCA offer a wide variety of support services to help patients with the medical, emotional and logistical aspects of cancer treatment. For support services on the Northwest Hospital campus, click here. For support services at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, click here.
  • For more information on radiation therapy and treatment for specific cancers, click here.