Your feet and ankles are the foundation for your entire body. How you care for them influences your posture and movement, your comfort and your capacity to enjoy physical activity. At the Northwest Hospital Foot & Ankle Clinic, we specialize in keeping your feet and ankles healthy.

Feet and ankles are prone to many common injuries, from overuse syndromes and strains to sprains, tears and fractures. Some feet and ankles suffer from deformity, diabetes complications or arthritis. At Northwest Hospital Foot & Ankle Clinic, we treat all conditions of the foot and ankle, including those that require inpatient or outpatient surgery. If you do require surgery, our board-certified surgeon has more than a decade of experience, and familiarity with the latest procedures and techniques. We also offer in-office X-ray and 3-D laser scanning for orthotics.

Many people put up with foot and ankle pain unnecessarily. Don’t ignore what your feet and ankles are trying to tell you. At Northwest Hospital Foot & Ankle Clinic, we can solve your foot and ankle problems and return you to your favorite activities.