We know choosing the right place to have your baby is as important as choosing the right doctor. We’ve been helping moms deliver for 50 years and we understand how many questions you have and the excitement you are beginning to feel. Take a moment to review these questions, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more. The Childbirth Center’s team is on hand to make sure you feel informed and prepared.

Does the facility offer a variety of providers?

At Northwest Hospital, our expert medical staff includes many providers who offer obstetric services, including family practice physicians and obstetrician/gynecologists .

Does the facility have Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum Rooms (LDRPs)?

LDRPs are rooms designed specifically so moms can begin, complete, and recover from an uncomplicated birth in just one room. Northwest Hospital was the first hospital in the Seattle area to introduce this type of single-room maternity care and each of our 18 private birth suites is an LDRP. In addition to our birth suites, our Childbirth Center has two Cesarean birth surgery suites. This is a convenience that saves moms from having to be transported to another unit or floor.

Do your facility’s policies restrict when your support person can be with you?

At Northwest Hospital, we encourage moms in labor to be accompanied by their support person as much or as little as they want–even into a Cesarean birth if they desire. Other family members may be in the LRDP, depending on the circumstances of each mother.

Can doulas or midwives attend births in the Northwest Hospital Childbirth Center?

Yes, with the permission of the mother’s healthcare provider.

Do your facility’s policies restrict the movement, eating or drinking of a mom in labor?

While Northwest Hospital nurses and providers will use their training and experience to give you recommendations based on your individual situation, they won’t restrict your movement, food or fluid choices.

Is there a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in your facility? Are there nurses and doctors trained in infant emergencies and are they available throughout labor?

Northwest Hospital has neonatologists available 24 hours a day. The Childbirth Center at Northwest Hospital includes a Level II Special Care Nursery available for any infants who need additional care or observation. We have nurses with specialized training who are able to provide expert Level II care. If necessary, a transport team is also available around the clock to move babies to a higher level NICU facility nearby.

Does your facility offer childbirth and parenting education?

Northwest Hospital partners with the Great Starts program of Parent Trust for Washington Children to provide childbirth and parenting classes. Visit the classes (link2 /patient-information/classes/) section of our web site or call (206) 789-0883 for more information.

Does your facility offer anesthesia and epidural services 24 hours a day?

A board-certified anesthesiologist is available 24 hours a day at Northwest Hospital.

Does your facility encourage and follow birth plans?

At Northwest Hospital’s Childbirth Center, we encourage moms to work with their providers to develop a birth plan, and, most importantly, to discuss and understand each potential birth situation. If we are informed of your birth plan prior to delivery and you and your provider has decided on a plan, our staff will do our best to fulfill your requests. In the event of emergency, some elements of a birth plan may have to be forfeited in order to respond quickly to safety issues that may arise.

Does the facility offer warm water therapy?

Northwest Hospital has Jacuzzi tubs or showers available for laboring and postpartum moms in our birth suites.

Does your facility offer trained assistance with lactation?

A lactation nurse sees patients after delivery to establish and support successful breastfeeding. Our lactation nurses are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), and are available seven days per week.