This is a memorable time for you and your family and our staff will make sure to ensure your safety and comfort while you recover. Our private birth suites are designed to allow you and your family to share special bonding time with your baby and our healthy newborns enjoy 24 hour rooming in.

To help you celebrate this important event, we offer a special celebratory dinner to each of our new moms and one other person. Your nurse can share your menu options with you. Full menu room service is always available for patients and their families and can be ordered at almost any time during the day and evening.

Parents can also choose to have professional photos taken of their newborns, including both traditional and candid photos. These can be posted on the virtual nursery Web site,, for viewing by family members or friends who are unable to attend the birth.

And because every baby born at Northwest Hospital feels like a member of our family, we send each one home with a hand-knit hat, lovingly created by senior volunteers in the community.

Infant Care

Once your new baby arrives, our staff will conduct a series of screening tests to evaluate your newborn’s overall health. We can also start your newborn on his or her first set of vaccinations. The Center is equipped to perform male circumcisions following delivery according to the needs of each family. A local anesthetic is used to avoid undue discomfort for your baby.

Our team also communicates with your baby’s doctor and will help you arrange for care after your discharge. We will spend time with you, reviewing the basics of new baby care and answering any questions you and your family may have.

Choosing a pediatrician or family care provider is very important and you must have one selected before you arrive for your labor.

Breastfeeding Education & Support Level II Nursery

The Childbirth Center is equipped with a Level II Nursery located just steps from our labor and delivery suites. Should your baby be born prematurely or with health complications the nursery is outfitted with all the necessary equipment to provide newborns with the specialized care they require. The Center staffs a team of nurses with special training in intensive newborn care as well as expert board-certified neonatologists who are on call 24 hours a day to ensure your newborn’s safety and proper treatment. Whenever possible, parents are encouraged to spend time with their babies while they are in the nursery.

Many mothers choose to breastfeed their babies. Although it’s perfectly natural, it may not always be as instinctual for you or your baby as you might expect. We provide a team of internationally board-certified lactation consultants who work with mothers and their newborns to make the transition to breastfeeding easier.

The following breastfeeding services are also available in our community: