Northwest Hospital & Medical Center and the University of Washington (UW) Medicine Regional Heart Center have joined to provide a world-class cardiac surgery and interventional cardiac program at Northwest Hospital.

This collaborative program offers a full range of cardiac services, from routine diagnostic procedures to sophisticated interventional cardiology procedures and open heart surgery, with the goal of providing the highest quality medical services to patients at both Northwest Hospital and UW Medicine Regional Heart Center.

Members of the Northwest Hospital/UW cardiac services team meet with you before and after treatment to ensure that you fully understand the course of treatment and the care needed after you leave the hospital. By working in partnership with you, our team of experts — including cardiac surgeons, physicians and clinical staff – offer the care you need to improve your short- and long-term recovery and reduce the amount of time you’re hospitalized. The UW cardiac surgeons provide the highest level of expertise in the surgical management of cardiac disease, including coronary bypass grafting, valve repair and replacement, aneurysm repair and congenital heart disease treatment. Specialty surgical services such as cardiac transplantation are offered at the UW Medicine Regional Heart Center.

For more information about the Northwest Hospital / UW cardiac surgery program, please call 206.668.1582.