Lisa Grachan, RN, monitoring patient on exercise machine at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Few of us like to even think about having a heart attack or being with someone when they have one. At a time like that, minutes – even seconds – count. Northwest Hospital is close by and ready to help, with one of the fastest times-to-treatment in the region for patients suffering cardiac incidents.

Northwest Hospital is a recognized leader in the treatment and diagnosis of heart disease. We offer the latest advances in open heart surgery, cardiac diagnostic testing and intervention, cardiac rehabilitation, and prevention. Northwest Hospital’s cardiology team specializes in seamless cardiac care, with state-of-the-art facilities from our emergency room and cardiac catheterization lab to open heart surgical suites, cardiac surgery recovery rooms, and cardiac rehabilitation center.

Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in America, with more than one million deaths per year. Thanks to breakthrough medical technologies, early detection, education and lifestyle changes, all of us can reduce our chances of developing heart disease.