The Seattle Arthritis Clinic’s multidisciplinary team works together collaboratively—all under one roof—providing a coordinated approach to diagnosis, consultation and treatment. In addition to medical, nutritional and mental health outpatient visits, we offer lab, X-ray, bone density testing, ultrasound and infusion services. In most cases, patients can have all necessary tests and treatments performed on the same day as their provider appointment.

Heidi Turner, R.D., Medical Nutrition Therapist, specializes in providing nutritional counseling and advice on anti-inflammatory nutrition to patients with autoimmune diseases as well as food allergies, digestive disorders and disordered/emotional eating. Insurance requirements and contracts for nutrition services may be different than for clinical care. Please contact the clinic with any questions.
Dr. Christeine Terry provides mental health counseling for established patients of The Seattle Arthritis Clinic. She works with your care team to provide the tools to self-manage the mental challenges of diseases that can often be stressful. Insurance requirements and contracts for mental health services may be different than for clinical care. Please contact the clinic with any questions.
Inflammatory rheumatologic diseases and osteoporosis often require intravenous (IV) infusion medications. We have an on-site infusion suite equipped with comfortable recliners and internet access. Our infusion suite is staffed with registered nurses with extensive training, certification and experience in IV and infusion therapy.
The Seattle Arthritis Clinic offers on-site state-of-the-art bone density (DXA) and digital X-ray testing. All imaging studies are performed by licensed X-ray technologists. Blood tests are often needed to assess the efficacy and safety of your treatment program; we have experienced laboratory technicians in our clinic for your convenience. Most specimens are sent to the UW Medicine lab for analysis. For all common tests, results are delivered to your private electronic medical record (eCare patient portal) for you to view within 48 hours.
The Strong Bones Program provides evaluation and treatment of patients who have osteopenia, osteoporosis or other health conditions that contribute to bone loss. Our program provides expert specialty consultation, imaging and lab work, and individualized treatment advice. We are committed to empowering patients with the educational and therapeutic resources that prevent disabling fractures. Our philosophy is to move you past a vulnerable state of fragility to one of strong bones and healthy lifestyle. Your risk factors are best assessed by consultation with one of our osteoporosis specialists. Your healthcare provider can make this referral for you. For more information, contact us at 206.668.BONE (2663). Learn More