The Seattle Breast Center at Northwest Hospital was the first comprehensive breast health center of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, opening over a decade ago. Today, the Seattle Breast Center continues to provide state-of-the-art breast imaging, both in equipment and physician expertise. Seattle Breast Center radiologists are experts in the field of breast imaging with years of specialized training and experience in diagnosing breast cancer. We are also one of the few facilities in the region to provide all-digital mammography, MRI and MRI-guided biopsy all in a single location.

The Seattle Breast Center locally pioneered the concept of a team of physicians from all specialties working together to provide the most comprehensive and individualized care available for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The team continues to meet every week to confer on cases and to offer leading edge treatment options for our patients.

Our team is comprised of the following healthcare professionals:

  • Breast radiologists: specialists in breast imaging
  • Breast surgeons: perform surgery such as lumpectomy and mastectomy
  • Radiation oncologists: administer radiation therapy
  • Medical oncologists: prescribe systemic therapy, such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy
  • Plastic surgeons: perform breast reconstruction
  • Clinical nurse specialist in oncology: supervises care for the cancer patient in the hospital
  • Pathologists: examine biopsy tissue
  • Pain management specialist: recommends a course of action to reduce pain and suffering and enhance the quality of life
  • Oncology Rehab Program
  • Pharmacy: specializes in disbursement and education of chemotherapeutic and biotherapeutic drugs

The Seattle Breast Center is located on the Northwest Hospital campus in the Medical Office Building, Suite 104. Click here for directions to the hospital’s main campus.