gamma-logoGamma Knife Radiosurgery is a method to deliver very high doses of radiation to a tumor or vascular malformation sparing the surrounding brain. Northwest Hospital obtained the first in the region and has a decade more experience than other centers. Most of our surgeons have extensive experience.

Gamma Knife treatment appears simple, however is not. A team, including a neurosurgeon, a radiation oncologist, radiologist, and a medical physicist are important to keep treatments safe. Without excellent imaging and targeting, the treatment can harm rather than cure. The Northwest Gamma Knife Center has a perfect safety record.

Conditions treated include malignant brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, vascular malformations, essential tremor, and benign tumors. In many cases Gamma Knife treatment is a complete alternative to surgery and in other cases, the combination is safer and more effective than either alone.

If you have a condition that you believe may be treated with a Gamma Knife, please call the Northwest Neurosurgery office.