Test Results

Test/ Radiology Results – Our team is committed to providing thorough and timely follow-up on the results of lab tests and diagnostic imaging. Results can take up to two* weeks, but typically we send them sooner. You will receive the results via a letter or through eCare if the results are normal. If the results are abnormal or require additional discussion, you will receive the results by phone, in person appointment, and in eCare if you are signed up.

*Note: Some tests such as pathology or genetics may take longer than two weeks.

Prescription Refills

Medication refill requests are handled during office hours only. If you are in need of refills, please contact your pharmacy directly with your prescription number at least two business days before you need a refill. The pharmacy will contact us to confirm and approve your prescription refill. You may be required to see your doctor before a prescription can be refilled. Your physician will usually provide enough refills to last until your next appointment. Be sure to schedule your appointments accordingly.

If you need a written prescription, please call our office with the necessary details. We will process your request within two business days. Most prescriptions are written for 30 days with additional refills for a year. Some exceptions may apply. Written prescriptions for controlled medications require 48 hours to complete and must be picked up in person. We are unable to call in prescription refills after hours or on weekends.

*Note: Our surgeons typically do not prescribe pain medication past the 30-day post-operative period.