To all NWH providers and other users of the Extranet

This past weekend IT services did work updating our security certificate. Unexpectedly, after the update Mac devices would not automatically load the new certificate, and so Mac users have been unable to get on to the Extranet. This does not appear to be a problem for users of external Windows devices.

Mac users are seeing an error message similar to this one:

If your work requires that you be able to access the Extranet from home, you will need to manually load a new certificate onto your device. Here is how:

  1. Download this file. After the file has downloaded, extract the file to your device.
  2. Open Finder on your Mac, and navigate into Applications –> Utilities –> Keychain Access. Open theKeychain Access application.

  1. In the Keychain application, click on “Certificates” and then on “System” on the left hand side.
  2. If the System keychain is locked (indicated in by the big closed lock icon on the top left), click on the lock icon and enter your password to unlock it.
  3. Now go back to Finder, then to Downloads. Drag the PEM file from step 1 into the System Keychain.
  4. In System Keychain, you should now see “Network Solutions OV Server CA 2” in the System certificates. If you have a current version of MacOS running on your device, you should now be able to get on the extranet.


  1. IClick on the apple icon at the top left of your screen, and select “About this Mac” from the menu.
  2. ICheck the version of MacOS on your computer. If it is not up to date (the most current version is High Sierra 10.13.6), then it is STRONGLY recommended that you upgrade your OS to the current version. The extranet should work if you do that.

If for some reason you cannot upgrade to the most recent MacOS, you have one other option to restore your ability to get on the extranet:

  1. Download certificate file from Download this file. After the file has downloaded, extract the file to your device.
  2. Follow steps 4-6 from the first part above to unlock your System Keychain and then drag the CRT file into the System Keychain.
  3. In the System Keychain, you should now see “USERTrust RSA Certification Authority”. You should now be able to get on the extranet.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you,

Matt Smitherman, M.D.
Hospitalist Physician
Associate Medical Information Officer