A unique element of Northwest Hospital & Medical Center’s therapies program is the opportunity to utilize Easy Street Environments to treat patients.

Easy Street Environments is the only facility of its kind in the region. Easy Street is a life-sized replica of a city street and includes a grocery store, restaurant, bank, laundromat, bus stop, movie theater and house with a kitchen, dining room, bedroom and car in the garage. Easy Street provides a unique concept in medical, physical and cognitive rehabilitation by incorporating real-world obstacles, such as curbs, steps, ramps, slopes and turnstiles.

Easy Street provides a realistic setting where patients build their endurance and practice functional skills that are necessary to re-enter their community. The center provides a safe, non-threatening environment where weather limitations and transportation problems do not prevent patients from participating in the therapeutic activities they need to be able to resume independent lives. A physical therapy gym and occupational therapy center are also conveniently located on Easy Street.