What is the Nursing (RN) Residency Program?

This program is designed to support the entry of nurses who have recently graduated from an accredited nursing program and passed their Washington State RN Boards into professional practice at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center.  During the course of your residency, you will experience:

  • Trained and supportive preceptors to help you to develop your clinical skills, delegation, time management and professional practice.
  • Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nursing Leaders who are invested in your individualized learning plan.
  • Seminars and simulation experiences to deepen your knowledge of evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Initial practice on a designated “safety Unit” with nursing staff experienced in supporting novice professionals build their skills quickly.
  • Participation in an evidence-based practice project under the guidance of a specialty or advanced practice nurse that will benefit Northwest Hospital & Medical Center.
  • The supportive nursing environment of Northwest Hospital & Medical Center and UW Medicine!

How long is the program?

Residency varies by specialty and by needs of the resident.  In general, there is:

  • One week of orientation
  • Two to four weeks on the designated safety unit
  • One shift of an observational experience that will complement your unit-specific learning
  • One to two months in your chosen specialty

Who pays for this?

  • NWHMC pays a resident salary for new graduate RNs who are selected for this program, the instructor and preceptor salary and all other program costs.

Who do you want for this program?

  • NWHMC gives priority to A. our staff that have chosen a nursing career and B. those who choose to work in a community-based hospital setting and are passionate about providing the highest quality care.
  • It is our goal to retain all of the graduates of our RN Residency program as NWHMC nurses for years to come!

How do I apply?

  • External applicants – Apply through our employment website and select “External Applicants”
  • Internal applicants – Apply through our employment website and select “Internal Applicants”
  • Notify your manager to tell them about your interest in this program after graduation from nursing school As soon as we know your projected graduation date, we can place you on the notification list for the cohort closest to your graduation date which will start the interview/selection process.
  • Historically, we have a RN Residency cohort once or twice a year.