You’ve put everything into getting where you are. Northwest Hospital & Medical Center will take you further.

We understand that taking healthcare seriously means devoting a huge part of your life to it. That’s why people like you, who have earned enough experience to get this far, deserve the kind of career that Northwest Hospital can provide. Why Northwest Hospital & Medical Center?

Professional Development: Since our success greatly depends on the knowledge and experience that our employees provide, we know it’s important to offer career development and continuing education opportunities for staff. Great Location: While still having close access to the city and surrounding neighborhoods, you will not have the burden of downtown traffic and high parking fees.

Wellness Opportunities: Good health and personal well-being ultimately lead to more resourcefulness, efficiency and originality. Creating a work environment that contributes to our employees’ wellness is one of our top priorities.

Safe Work Environment: We believe that the safety and satisfaction of our patients and employees are one and the same. Not only are we committed to providing an excellent healing environment for our patients, we are equally committed to offering a safe and enjoyable work environment for our employees.