NWH Guestnet — Wireless Access InstructionsWe are pleased to offer our patients, their families and other visitors to Northwest Hospital free wireless Internet access through the NWH GuestNet Program. Wireless access is currently available in many places around the hospital campus, including:

  • The main hospital building (patient rooms, lobbies and waiting areas)
  • The Emergency Department
  • The Childbirth Center
  • The Operating Room waiting areas
  • Day Surgery rooms and waiting areas
  • Checkers Cafeteria
  • “D Wing” (administration)
  • “E Wing” (rehabilitation, geropsychiatry)

Please note: Computers installed in patient rooms and elsewhere throughout the facility are for staff use only.

Following are easy, step-by-step instructions for laptop users to connect to NWH GuestNet and the Internet:

  • Use the Wireless Management Software on your laptop to search for available wireless networks.
  • Select (highlight) “NWH GuestNet” from the list of available wireless network connections and connect to it.
  • Once your wireless connection is established, open Internet Explorer (or your favorite Internet browser).
  • Read the “Terms and Conditions of Use” on the NWH Guest Wireless page.
  • If you agree to the “Terms and Conditions of Use,” click on the “Accept button”.
  • Once the Northwest Hospital site appears within your browser, you are connected and ready to go.

Please note that Northwest Hospital does not provide any technical or other support regarding connection to, use of, or problems arising from use of NWH GuestNet. See “Terms and Conditions of Use” on the NWH GuestNet home page for more information. Thank you.