Summer 2016 | News for the Northwest Hospital Community

Back on the Bike

An avid cyclist gets back on the road with the help of spine surgery.

The surgeon didn’t sugarcoat it for Don Lamont. He needed spinal fusion.

For more than a year, Lamont had experienced increasing pain in his lower back. Months of physical therapy and visits to a chiropractor and a physiatrist hadn’t provided lasting relief, so he decided to explore surgery. But what the doctor said about the major surgery unnerved him.

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A nurse practitioner providing primary and palliative care to a geriatric Vietnamese patient in her home.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is a specialized approach to providing medical care for people with serious, long-term or life-threatening illnesses. In the minds of many people, palliative care and hospice care are often confused. But they are different services.

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Couple sitting on rock, embracing, looking at view

10 Essentials for the Trail

The mountains of the Pacific Northwest are calling, and you must go. But first make sure your backpack is loaded with these 10 essentials. It’s a prudent gear list that just might save your life, whether on a day hike or deep in the backcountry.

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Your Rx for Travel

If you are planning a trip overseas, your checklist of preparations will include a passport, visas and foreign currency. It should also include an appointment with a travel medicine doctor, especially when traveling to developing countries.

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Healthy Summer Recipe: Grilled Mango Chicken

Grilling season is finally in full swing. Keep the menu healthy at your next backyard cookout with this tasty recipe for grilled mango chicken.

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