Winter 2017 | News for the Northwest Hospital Community

Like many baseball-mad kids, Josh Johnston spent a good chunk of his childhood on a ball field. He’d picked up a bat at age 6 and played every position before junior high.

What he loved most was pitching. But looking back, he admits his mechanics on the mound weren’t exactly fine-tuned. “I was just up there chucking the ball,” said Josh, now 27.

All that chucking began to take a toll on his body. When he was 12, his elbow started to bother him so much he went to see a physician at The Sports Medicine Clinic in Ballard. The diagnosis: Josh was a few chucks away from an overuse injury.

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Colorful image of snowboarder in red jacket sliding down the slope

Winter sports safety tips

The Pacific Northwest can be paradise for winter sports fans. But are you in shape for the slopes? Get tips on how to stay safe this season.

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A stylized anatomical image of the colon

A Colonoscopy Q&A

Colonoscopies are essential in the fight against colon and rectal cancers. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Now is the perfect time to schedule yours.

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Sunset and Storm Clouds Over Skagit Bay

Shedding light on Vitamin D

Gloomy winter skies are the norm in Seattle. But do we need Vitamin D supplements until the sun returns?

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A patient receiving a vaccination

Vaccines: Not just for kids

Vaccines: They’re not just for kids. Periodic booster shots can play a crucial role in preventative care as we age.

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