Dr. Sarah Beshlian, hand surgeon, examining a patient's hand at the UW Medicine Hand, Elbow, Shoulder Center

Whether you have a chronic condition such as recurring joint pain, or a newly broken bone, Northwest Hospital offers comprehensive orthopedic diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for bone, joint, spine and muscular conditions.

Northwest Hospital offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options, including advanced diagnostic imaging, joint repair and replacement, sports medicine, podiatry and physical therapy, among others. Our board-certified specialists and surgeons will review your specific needs and discuss all the options with you. We are committed to using the least invasive surgical options available.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Orthopedic care at Northwest Hospital begins with diagnostic testing. Our team of board-certified radiologists has specialty training in musculoskeletal imaging and is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology available today. Our state-of-the-art imaging facilities are conveniently located on the hospital’s main campus and at the Northwest Outpatient Medical Center.

Sports Medicine
Our sports medicine program offers individualized treatment designed to speed recovery. Our multidisciplinary sports medicine team brings a variety of specialties together, ranging from primary care and sports medicine to orthopedic surgery and physiatry to provide diagnosis and treatment of sports and industry-related injuries.

Hip & Knee Center
The team of fellowship-trained specialists at the UW Hip & Knee Center at Northwest Hospital employs state-of-the-art technology and surgical methods to restore and preserve natural joint function and return patients to optimal mobility and activity. We treat an array of joint conditions, from simple to highly complex, while assessing and addressing risks and potential complications.

Fragility Fracture Program
Northwest Hospital’s Fragility Fracture Program brings together providers from a broad scope of disciplines including emergency medicine, hospital medicine, orthopedics, therapies and other disciplines to establish a consistent process for intake, treatment and discharge of patients suffering from hip fractures due to age, osteoporosis and falls.

Hand, Elbow & Shoulder Center
The UW Medicine Hand, Elbow & Shoulder Center at Northwest Hospital comprehensively treats musculoskeletal, peripheral nerve and skin conditions, applying technological innovations and an advanced knowledge of therapies. Our team includes experienced, specially trained orthopedic and plastic surgeons, rehabilitation medicine physicians and physical and occupational therapists. We also work closely with colleagues in rheumatology, neurology and other areas.

Northwest Hospital offers diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical options for correcting foot and ankle problems resulting from sports injuries and structural deformities. Our board-certified podiatrists design personalized treatment plans to optimize a patient’s chances of returning to the activities they enjoyed before their injury.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy at Northwest Hospital includes comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, including those resulting from car accidents, work-related or repetitive use injuries or general weakness and chronic pain. Post-operative rehabilitation helps patients recover from a variety of surgical procedures, including those of the extremities or spine, arthroscopy, total joint replacement, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair and others. Our licensed physical therapists use manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and other methods.

Northwest Hospital offers a free, 24-hour Physician Referral service to help you find the physician you need. Call 206-633-4636.