The Northwest Hospital Community Health Education & Simulation Center (CHESC) opened in 2009 and provides a centralized, hands-on venue for health education and training. The center offers customized classes to healthcare professionals, students and community members alike.

In addition to traditional educational offerings, the CHESC uses  high-tech simulation mannequins and other state-of-the art technology to help healthcare providers, emergency personnel, community healthcare workers and other practitioners to advance their ability to perform complex medical procedures and life-saving techniques.

The center’s computerized, life-size mannequins replicate real-life medical scenarios. Much more than simple mannequins, these simulators breathe, bleed, cough and cry. They can be programmed to respond appropriately to changes in environment and medical interventions administered by simulation participants. The CHESC Sim Center  can recreate almost any medical situation, creating valuable learning and practice opportunities.

The CHESC has two full simulation suites and five classrooms.  We have the capacity to create and/or perform simulations for a wide variety of medical conditions.  The Center is often used to strengthen teamwork and interdisciplinary care coordination.

True to the Center’s original intent, we continue to offer classes to both healthcare professionals and the general public.  We are proud of our annual school nurse conference with participants from  school districts across the state.

Recently the CHESC has collaborated  with  professional videography and specialty health education organizations as a film location for health professional training videos. We are open to exploring how our simulation center can assist other organizations in incorporating simulation into your clinical education program.

The goal of the Community Health Education & Simulation Center is to:

  • Train and retain healthcare  professionals to help reduce the current critical shortage of health practitioners
  • Improve the ability of community emergency medical services personnel to respond to life-threatening situations with life-saving procedures
  • Help Northwest Hospital provide continuing nursing and medical education for ongoing staff certification
  • Provide greater health education opportunities for the community through ongoing simulations and classes
  • Ensure patient safety to help strengthen effective  communication and reduce medical errors among health workers

The CHESC was funded by grants from the federal government, as well as donations from the Norcliffe Foundation and the Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation.