We know that a cancer diagnosis can be a frightening and life-changing event. At a time like this, we also know how important it is for you to feel there’s someone expert and understanding on your side to help you fight the disease. Women’s Cancer Care of Seattle combines the talent and expertise of two of the region’s leading gynecologic oncologists with an experienced, caring team of nurses, technicians and staff. Together, we work to provide the most advanced prevention and treatment available for gynecologic cancers.

The staff at Women’s Cancer Care of Seattle is dedicated to achieving positive results for our patients and to working with our peers in science and medicine to find an ultimate cure. We explore the widest possible range of resources in developing treatment plans for our patients, from minimally-invasive robotic surgery to chemotherapy and research protocols and other innovative procedures for use when conventional therapies may not have the desired effect.

We oversee and coordinate each patient’s care with her entire care team, including other doctors, specialists and practitioners, to ensure clear communication, effective treatment and truly integrated care. Building close relationships with our patients also means taking the time to educate them about the latest treatments, techniques, research and information, and to empower them to play an active role in making decisions about their own care.

At Women’s Cancer Care of Seattle, we are passionate about finding ways to help our patients become cancer survivors. Our reward is seeing hundreds of them recover and return to healthy, normal, disease-free lives.

For more information, visit the Women’s Cancer Care of Seattle website or call 206-368-6806.