Christine M. Disteche Ph.D.

Christine M. Disteche Ph.D.
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Dr. Christine Disteche is a UW professor of pathology. She is one of the directors of the Cytogenetics and Genomics Laboratory.

Her clinical expertise is in cytogenetics and genome analysis. These clinical tests can detect chromosomal abnormalities – for example, trisomy 21 (an extra copy of chromosome 21, characterizing Down syndrome) or specific anomalies that distinguish cancers.

Patient Care Philosophy

"I aim to provide the most accurate and timely diagnosis of chromosome disorders. The field of cytogenetics and genomics changes quickly, so practitioners must keep current of new developments and research."

Clinical Interests

Studying abnormalities of the sex chromosomes and their impact on disease

Research Interests

Research in my laboratory focuses on the regulation of the mammalian X chromosome. Males have one X and a Y chromosome; females have two X chromosomes. Over time, a mechanism called "dosage compensation" has evolved so that a normal female's two X chromosomes have the same genetic influence as the single X chromosome of the normal male. This mechanism occurs during embryonic development and depends on stem cell factors.

Our goals are to understand the molecular mechanisms of dosage compensation.


Institution Credential Year
University of Liege Medical education 1976
Harvard Medical School - Dept. of Pathology Fellowship

Board Certifications

Certification Specialty Year
American Board of Medical Genetics Clinical Cytogenetics 1984